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The services of Lear International can be accessed through several payment methods. Most projects are contracted on the basis of a formal proposal, which spells out specific objectives, timing and costs.  A proposal can usually be prepared and submitted for approval within 1 week (following the complimentary initial consultation).

Operational Analysis


When we complete our work, you will fully know the status of your operation, and have achievable plans for improvement in all critical areas.


Through our consumer research programs, we can also ascertain the current position of your restaurant through the eyes of your customers and potential customers.


Our inside-out and outside-in approaches will yield an aggressive, goal-oriented path toward excellence.

Concept Development & Design


We handle each of these areas with a systematic approach. This yields the best concept from a guest experience standpoint as well as obtaining optimum business viability.

Each phase of our concept development can be pre-tested with potential customers. Market research will assist in refining the concept to ensure the best end product is achieved.

Training & Communications


Our programs have a solid foundation in training manuals, train-the-trainer sessions and structured timetables for training. The effective use of these tools is what differentiates our training from others.


Lear International’s Permanent Instruction program is designed to provide you with a full training concept for your operations.


We can also analyze your current training system and add the supplemental components required to bring your training to life.

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Additional Services


Lear International also specializes and can help with :


  • Marketing Development

  • Menu & Product Development

  • Brand Development (FCDA)

  • Master Plans

  • Confidential Strategic Business Audits

  • Motivational Seminars and Role Playing

  • Site Selection

  • Project Management

  • Commercial Real Estate

Video Tips


Here you will find video tips, and information from Lear International Hospitality Consultants.

Lear International Video Tips - Coming Soon.

This channel is coming soon!
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